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Our Spam filtering Software will catch around 98% of spam in our tests

Junk mail has become a growing concern for our users. In order to address this issue BeOnLine has made a list of precautions to help our users’ eliminate their SPAM. Every email account on the BeOnLine server is equipped to filter SPAM. Upon activation the SPAM filter remains inactive until a user requests that their email be filtered. The main reason Spam filtering is not automatically activated is to allow our users’ the ability to filter their email anyway they may choose. Your business is very important to us and we would like to make your online experience enjoyable and hassle free. If you would like to have your SPAM filter activated please follow the instructions below.


1. Open Outlook Express

2. Select [Tools] [Message Rules] [Mail]

3. Click [New]

4. Now check the "Where the Subject line contains specific words." check box and the "Move it to the specified folder." checkbox.

5. Select the "contains specific words" link in the bottom window. Type *SPAM* in the "Type specific words or a phrase" text box. Then click [Add].

6. Now click [OK].

7. Now select the "specified" link in the lower window. Here you will decide where your Spam goes. I would recommend that you create a new folder called Spam so that you can check the email that gets marked as Spam to see if the Spam filter picks up email that is not Spam. So, either select a folder or select [New Folder] and make a new folder. Next click [OK]. NOTE: Do not select the "Outbox" folder or you will send the Spam to yourself each time you send mail.

8. Now you can name your rule (in the "Name of the rule" text box at the bottom of the window). Then select [OK].

9. Click [APPLY NOW…] followed by [OK] and you're done. The next time you get mail, all mail identified as will be moved to the folder you specified.